Lawrence Taylor Pain Master CBD Cream 1000MG


LT Pain Master cream is designed for use on localized sore muscle areas related to high intensity sports and activities. It is derived from raw hemp oil which allows for a...


LT PainMaster CBD Oral Drops


LT Pain Master oral drops infused with CBD are used to alleviate pain relief for extreme sports and activities. Athletes now have a new favorite CBD oil. LT Pain Master...

Quality You Can Count On.

Formulated for High Intensity Sports
Organic Natural Ingredients
100% Natural CBD
Lawrence Taylor Approved
Made in the USA
High Quality Extraction Process

High Impact Joint Pain

CBD has been shown in studies to alleviate joint pain and inflammation, including chronic pain and arthritis. Join athletes around the country obtaining relief after a hard day.

Back Pain

After a hard day on the sports field, relieve nagging back pain and inflammation.

Hands and Wrists

Relieve sore wrists and hands after a day of hitting the gym or catching the ball. CBD has even been shown in studies to help with chronic arthritis.

Get Relief for any Sport

Whether playing soccer, basketball, skiing, or boxing, CBD is used by athletes around the country to help them get back on their feet faster.